Pain School

According to 201 KAR 9:260, which is the professional standards for prescribing and dispensing controlled substances, it is the acceptable and prevailing medical practice within the Commonwealth of Kentucky for physicians prescribing or dispensing controlled substances to educate patients receiving controlled substances.

Specialists in Pain Care is offering Pain School to educate our patients on the following topics:

  • Proper Use of Pain Medication
  • Driving and work safety while taking pain medication
  • Potential for overdose
  • Tolerance, dependence and addiction
  • The CDC Guidelines

See What Our Patients Say

Patient SB said: Dr. Lerner answered every question we had efficiently. His “Bed Side Manner” so to speak, was spot on. Thanks so much for having this class, to help us better understand and that you have compassion for your patients.

Patient SW said: Thank you for the schooling session. Looking forward to the next one.

Patient RB said: Excellent presentation and discussion. Very helpful. Got some important information I hadn’t heard before.

Patient MS said: I learned a lot. Definitely worth My time.

Patient LG said: Dr Lerner presented a well composed synopsis of the dangers of unsupervised opioid usage. Good job doctor!

Your class is an hour long shared medical appointment.  This is a regular medical appointment in a group format.  Please arrive on time to have vital signs taken and paperwork completed.  Your prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy.

All patients will be required to attend 1 session every year.

This is not an extra appointment but replaces one of your regularly scheduled appointments!