Need An Appointment This Week?

The table below shows upcoming available appointments in real time. Looking for a particular day of the week? You can sort by clicking on each column heading. If you find an appointment that suits your schedule, you can call the office at 502 253 0505 to book that appointment or complete the Instant Booking Request below.

This week’s available appointments.
Appointment Type
Day of week
Time of day
Follow UpFebruary 22Friday1:45 PM
Follow UpFebruary 22Friday2:00 PM
Follow UpFebruary 22Friday2:15 PM
Follow UpFebruary 22Friday2:30 PM
Follow UpFebruary 22Friday2:45 PM
Follow UpFebruary 22Friday3:00 PM
Follow UpFebruary 25Monday8:15 AM
Follow UpFebruary 25Monday8:45 AM
Follow UpFebruary 25Monday9:00 AM
Follow UpFebruary 25Monday9:15 AM
Follow UpFebruary 25Monday1:45 PM
Follow UpFebruary 25Monday2:15 PM
Follow UpFebruary 27Wednesday2:00 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday8:15 AM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday9:30 AM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday9:45 AM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday10:15 AM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday11:30 AM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday11:45 AM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday12:00 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday12:15 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday12:30 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday12:45 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday2:00 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday2:15 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday2:30 PM
Follow UpMarch 1Friday2:45 PM