About Us Is About You

About Us Is About You

Specialists In Pain Care is an advanced, full-service Pain Management clinic located in Louisville, Kentucky with the advantage of a medical team led by a double Board Certified Anesthesiologists who specialize in the practice of Pain Medicine.

We are committed to providing our patients with an uncompromising level of service.

Our mission is to support our patients in their effort to live healthy, active and pain-free lives. We do this by providing them with the highest level of expertise in pain management with an uncompromising detail to service and patient comfort.

We are a multi-specialty provider offering behavioral, medical and interventional therapies. For us it is simple, our patients and their pain matter.

Our Values


We have a deep-rooted respect for our patients, employees and the medical field in which we practice.


We understand the struggles our patients face living with chronic pain, and that drives us to explore every possible opportunity to help them.



We continuously research new methods and technologies that allow us to better serve our patients and manage their care.


We hold our employees to the highest standard and strive to provide nothing short of excellent service to everyone who walks through our doors.