The Gold Standard In Pain Management

The Gold Standard In Pain Management

Medication Management

For many patients and doctors, “pain clinic” is synonymous with “opioids.” To many of the same people, “opioids” is synonymous with “lots of opioids,” “opioid abuse” or some other pejorative idea about what might be going on in “those clinics.”

Nothing could be further from the truth at Specialists in Pain Care. Through years of experience, considering emerging research and in close adherence to the CDC and other best practices, Specialists In Pain Care has developed a philosophy and practice of prescribing opioid medications that seek to treat patients in the safest and most effective way.

At Specialists In Pain Care, we recognize there is a need for safe opioid prescribing in society.

Opioid pain medication is not necessary for many patients. Yet, many patients benefit in real, tangible ways from this class of medicine, not just through decreased pain scores, but more importantly, through increased functionality and improved quality of life.

Specialists In Pain Care strongly believes there is a real need for experts who are comfortable managing patients on opioid pain medication when indicated. We are comfortable managing that high-dose patient as well as tapering patients to safer levels (see our Opioid Reduction Program).

We are happy to handle any new patient referral, including those for the sole purpose of education and getting a patient to a safer opioid regimen.

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