The Essentials

The Essentials

Every physician is going to say that they provide comprehensive care, but at Specialists In Pain Care, we walk the talk by incorporating three essentials of care into your individualized treatment plan.

An individual’s overall wellness has a big impact on their ability to improve their health over time and their ability to respond to their individualized pain care plan. Achieving health and wellness will always be a significant goal of individualized pain care plan.


Essential #1: Wellness Factors

The importance of a balanced life that promotes good health and lowers disease risk should not be underestimated. Thus, “wellness factors” tops our list of “essentials”. Having better pain control can help our patients focus on those sustainable strategies that maintain wellness such as weight loss, increasing physical activity, improving sleep and smoking cessation. We also screen for psychiatric co-morbidities, such as anxiety and depression, and substance use disorders.


Essential #2: Careful Use of Pain Medication

Pain medication is just one treatment modality, and it is not needed for every patient. Increasing scientific evidence would suggest that as the sole modality, pain medicine is a poor strategy prone to failure. We are not opposed to pain medication, and in fact, we are strong believers in the notion that there should be experts, like ourselves, who will carefully and thoughtfully guide patients if this kind of medication is indicated and utilized in the treatment of chronic pain.


Essential #3: Injections and Interventional Techniques

There are many new and safe injections that serve one purpose: to improve your ability to function without pain every day. Most injections are minimally invasive, require little missed time from work or daily activities, and are performed in our state of the art procedure suite under real time ultrasound or x-ray guidance. Patients who find they derive benefit from injection therapy should always return to Essential #1 and focus on their overall wellness. These 3 essentials are key components to every individualized pain care plan. The plan can be updated as needed over time as the patient responds to various treatments and their needs change.