A Vital Part of Medical Practice and Patient Care

A Vital Part of Medical Practice and Patient Care

What is Pain Management?

Pain management is focused on alleviating or reducing pain and improving the quality of life for people who suffer.

Pain is a complex phenomenon, and the medical field has clearly recognized the value of having physician experts with specialized skills and knowledge to treat the painful conditions seen in our patients.

From evaluating and diagnosing complicated pain problems to injections and prescribing of medications, the pain management specialist is uniquely trained to help his or her patients.

There are a broad variety of treatments available to treat pain — some simple and others are complex. As so many Americans suffer with chronic pain, new techniques and technologies are being developed every year, and a pain management physician has the expertise and skill to utilize these in the safest and most effective manner for patients in pain.

Finally, pain management should be multidisciplinary. In addition to injections and medications, your pain management specialist should offer behavioral health and physical therapy thus promoting functional restoration and wellness.